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Polyurethane Foam Spraying Services in Egypt

Spraying polyurethane foam is a major element in insulation. It is a sealing technique used in many fields because it is a distinct material. We guarantee to provide in ETS this service professionally.

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Polyurea spraying services in Egypt

Polyurea is sprayed as an insulation for concrete systems as it is a sealing and sealing technique used in many fields because it is a distinct insulating material. The company provides this service professionally. read more

Fireproofing insulation in Egypt

Fireproofing services we can say that it is indispensable in modern industries as well as the use of fire-resistant thermal insulation materials to increase the safety factor in the work environment in addition to homes, read more

Thermal Insulation Services in Egypt

Thermal insulation is the prevention or reduction of heat transfer between objects by thermal contact or in the range of radiation emission. read more

Cold Insulation Services in Egypt

Cold Insulation is one of the most important types of the isolation of buildings and surfaces which is a very necessary step to preserve the building or facility read more

Hot insulation Services in Egypt

Hot insulation services are a wide service field provided by ETS for various equipment and various products in accordance with international standards with the highest quality possible.

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Acoustic insulation services in Egypt

Acoustic insulation and noise insulation is a key factor in the industries that produce high noise in residential areas. read more

Waterproofing insulation and its uses in Egypt

Waterproofing insulation is considered one of the most important types of building insulation because it protects it from moisture and precipitates rain, ground and surface water. read more

Polyurethane Injection in Egypt

Polyurethane Injection involves injecting leaking basement cracks with a foam rubber seal

This type of repair to leaking basements is most appropriate on solid cast in cast in place concrete walls or slabs, such as underground parking garages or cold cellars and ceilings. read more

Acoustic Insulation Mineral Wool in Egypt

Acoustic insulation has become a key factor in the industries that make a loud noise in residential areas. It also matters sound studio companies to isolate the outside sounds from the studio.

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Types of waterproofing materials in Egypt

waterproofing materials

Waterproofing materials in buildings are divided into three sections - Flexible insulating materials: bitumen, polyethylene, metal sheets,

Spray Foam Building Insulation in Egypt

spray foam

Spray foam is a chemical product created by two materials, isocyanate and polyol resin Recently, the so-called foam insulation has spread,

Polyurethane Foam Fluid Liquid Insulation in Egypt

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane Foam Fluid Liquid is used to manufacture many contemporary products from a lot of industries such as Furniture, upholstery

Flexible foam & foam mattresses in Egypt

Flexible foam & foam mattresses

flexible foam is ideal for using your bed. In addition, this material makes the mattresses soft and flexible with any seating movement leaves a trace on.

Rock Wool Spray Insulation in Egypt

Rock Wool Spray

Rock Wool Spray is one of the most used materials for insulation of buildings from heat and sound, as well as protection against any fire.

Preparing Polyurea Foam in Egypt

polyurea foam

Polyurea Foam is used in insulation and lining of metal surfaces, such as secondary containment, manhole and tunnel coatings and tank liners.